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The city of Stormhaven is a harbour city carved into the cliffs of the Kingdom of Brigantia. Though the violent sea of storms produces many a mighty tempest, the natural formations of the cliffs around the city ensure that the water in the harbour always remains (comparitively) tranquil.

Trade with other nations in the world of Arkan is the city’s lifeblood, and it’s unique placement within Brigantia ensures that it’s one of the few natural ports safe enough for regular sea-traffic to pass through.

Many guilds base their halls within Stormhaven, (all the better to ensure that no one guild rises too far above the others.) The guildmasters are the de facto leaders of the city, and it is paranoia and suspicion of one another that keeps the guilds in check. Each guild elects it’s own group of guards to police the streets surrounding their own guildhalls.


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